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Autism & Family Friendly Caravans Blackpool

Our Story

We have been caravan owners at Haven Cala Gran since 2013 and love it.

Why have we set the caravans up as Autism Friendly ?

Is one of the most asked questions we get. We have a son Lucas who is 12 and is Autistic and the reason we set the caravans up like they are.


There isn't really anything set up specifically for families that have children with autism and everyone we have spoke to don't know of any other caravans set up like ours. We where the first caravans in the UK set up especially for families that have children with autism and allowing families to get away with out all the stress & anxiety. And just to allow families to actually be able to go away and have a family holiday without worrying whether will it be suitable for there son or daughter.


This year alone we have had 6 lots of families where it was there first ever holiday away and booked again straight away where they got back home as there child loved it that much.

What makes the caravan Autism Friendly ?


Is another questions we get asked a lot

We thought long and hard of what we would want in the caravan if we where looking at going on holiday and Lucas had a big say into what he would like in the caravan to make it feel more homely and relaxing. Of course the first thing he picked was a games console with Minecraft on it no surprise there.

We also installed Bubble Walls, Bubble Tables, LED Sensory Lighting, sensory play zones, interactive lighting, themed bedrooms, bubble tubes, lava tubes, sensory boxes, arts and crafts boxes, games consoles & games in the children's bedrooms and living room, Ikea egg chairs, activity tubes, Lego Play Zones, themed bathrooms with waterproof colour changing lighting, full SKY TV, access to internet*, we have also made quiet zones under the bunk beds with its own sensory lighting, tv/DVD player and sound system.

New Sensory Dens in The New Disney Themed Caravan and The Mario Themed Caravan

The Themed Caravans are

New Disney Themed Caravan With Safe Space Bed

9/10 Berth 4 Bedrooms

Dr Seuss & Disney Themed

8 Berth 3 Bedrooms

Disney & Mario Bros Themed

8 Berth 3 Bedrooms

Spongebob & Disney Themed

8 Berth 3 Bedrooms

Seaside Themed

6 Berth 3 Bedrooms

Cherry Tree Caravan - Choose Your Theme

8 Berth 3 Bedrooms

But we also thought of other family members and things we could put in the caravan to make there holiday in our caravans just as special so included things like popcorn machine, hot dog machine, Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine, board games, themed double bedroom, outdoor games, gas bbq, outdoor rattan seating, the list could go on and on. Also included in the caravans are high chairs and travel cots.

We also listen to guests feedback and starting in 2018/2019 season bedding will be included in all the caravans/

In all the caravans we also included for FREE. Pods for the Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine, tea bags, sugar, sauces, Condiments, toilet rolls, cereals, kernals/oil for the popcorn machines.

Do we only rent out to families that have children with autism?

No we do also rent out to families

Do we allow pets?

Yes we do in the Dr Seuss and Mario themed caravans as long as they are fully trained and we are told about it when guests book. Maximum of 2 pets allowed.

About the caravans

All the caravans are modern 8 berth 3 bedrooms, fully double glazed, coming soon NEW underfloor heating systems in the living room and bedrooms in all 3 caravans, 2 bathrooms.

Our monthly payment plans

We allow guests to pay monthly to make the holidays more affordable with 2019 Holidays we allow upto 20 months to pay for the holiday. All holidays need to be fully paid 6 weeks before guests are due to go on holiday.

We don't have many rules apart from under no circumstances is there to be any smoking in any of the caravans. All we expect is guests to try and leave the caravan how it was when they arrived.

If you have any questions or suggestions please message us we are happy to help any time and hope to see you soon

Our Facebook page is

Dr Seuss/Disney Themed Caravan

Mario/Disney Themed Caravan

Spongebob Themed Caravan

Haven Character Themed Caravan