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The A Word

November 8, 2017

Who watched the A word tonight on BBC ??

Lucas use to be exactly the same at that age but instead of music and bands it use to be buses and trains with Lucas he knew exactly which bus number went to where and it's route. The only bit I didn't agree with was "The broken" bit when they where trying to explain what autism is.

I still remember the day when Lucas asked "What does autism mean" I didn't know what to say he just came out with it, it was so hard to explain because I was caught off guard. Even still today it's hard to explain it's not that he is different or broken it's that he sees things differently to other children or finds it hard to control his emotions and process things. It makes Lucas unique in his own way. And the fact he still believes in Santa, the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy makes them times of year even more special seeing how excited he gets.

But i can't stop worrying lately because it's his last year at junior school and next year he goes to high school. I probably wouldn't worry so much if his one to one he has known most of his life was going with him, she has been amazing and been his safety net and always there for him.

I worry how he is going to fit in, if the other pupils will bully him and if he will be able to handle the work at high school.

Yes autism is slowly getting recognised and understood by people through either autism awareness or programmes like the A word but you still get the looks off people when he has a meltdown. 


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